Terms & Conditions

Online private appointments - Cancellations & refunds
Cancellations made 24hrs or more in advance of the appointment date will receive a FULL refund. Cancellations made the day of the appointment will only receive a 50% refund.

Online private appointments - Reschedule requests
All private appointments can be rescheduled if you give us at least a 24hrs-notice. However, if you do not submit your request with at least a 24hrs-notice, your request will be processed as a cancellation and fees will apply.

Public demonstrations & classes - Cancellations & refunds
Please note, we do not offer refunds for public events & classes. In the event of a cancellation with a 24hrs-notice, we will credit your payment toward a future event/class. No refunds if less than a 24hrs-notice is given.

Any questions or requests
If you have any other questions, or wish to request a refund, reschedule, or cancel an appointment/event, then please contact us at giorgos.medium@gmail.com