How it all began

My experiences with those I now call my spirit friends began when I was a child. I remember feeling like I was never alone, and even though that scared me, I never really thought much of it. As the years went by, my experiences started to become more vivid and frequent. The occasional feeling of not being alone evolved into visions of people in my bedroom, but I was still unaware of the fact that the people I was seeing were real.

Everything of course changed when after death of my great grandmother I had a visitation from her in her spirit form. That was the beginning of my conscious spiritual journey and the moment I became aware of the reality of the other world! Soon after that, my mediumship began to unfold very rapidly and I started to share my experiences and the messages that I was receiving from the other side. Since then I've dedicated my time to traveling for my own spiritual growth and to working full time with clients.
By reconnecting them with their loved ones, their own soul and spirit guides, I've aimed to help people heal, grow and live better lives. Over the past few years I've also began to teach and share my knowledge with the public in my workshops, development groups and demonstrations.

Being of service to the spirit world has become my chosen purpose in life, because I know that an act of service to those in need is an act of service the collective!

Giorgos Papageorgiou about photo, black and white.